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Consulenze Aeronautiche is a dynamic and high specialized company qualified in flight accident investigations.
With the qualification obtained at the highest grades by the Southern California Safety Institute of Torrance CA and by the National Transportation Safety Board of Washington DC, the company cooperates for over 20 years with the Italian Justice Ministry all over the whole Italian territory in both criminal and civil proceedings in helicopter flight accident cases.

The Company has had a key role in Technical Advices in the most important helicopter accident on the Italian territory for the Armed Forced, foreign Armed Forces and State Police.

Moreover, the company is specialized in advices and support for private and companies, in the trade of new and used helicopters, based on the customer needs.

Consulenze Aeronautiche is member of:

  • ECA - European Cockpit Association

  • ECCAIRS - European Coordination Centre for Accident and Incident Reporting System

  • EHSIT - European Helicopter Safety Implementation Team

  • HAI - Helicopter Association International

  • IFALPA - International Federation Airline Pilot Association

  • IHST - International Helicopter Safety Team

  • ISASI - International Society of Air Safety Investigators

  • PHPA - Professional Helicopter Pilot Association

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