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Consulenze Aeronautiche is qualified by the Southern California Safety Institute and by the National Transportation Safety Board in the investigation on flight accidents, and particularly:
• Technical Advice in helicopter flight accident in criminal proceedings for the Justice Ministry
• Technical Advice in helicopter flight accident in civil proceedings for the Court
• Technical Advice for the Airline companies in both criminal and civil proceedings

Every operation is treated and accomplished with modern techniques and investigation procedures. The Company uses professional software for the best reconstruction of the accident scene, supported by a high detailed reporting activity and HD files.


Consulenze Aeronautiche is specialized in the evaluation and estimation of helicopter through a detailed analysis of the market, the National and International Regulation. Every estimation includes the examination of technical and operational files, maintenance manuals of the helicopter. The evaluation is at last asserted by the Court.


The Company has been enabled to perform Operational audit for airline companies, according to the EU Regulation 965/2012 AIR OPS AMC1 ORO.GEN.200 Management System.

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Consulenze Aeronautiche has an important role in the trade of helicopters for private and companies. It offers complete assistance and support to the client, to focus the best helicopter model based on his needs.

For the purchase, Consulenze Aeronautiche operates an accurate analysis to the client needs, searching in the national and international market the ideal helicopter based on purchasing cost, operational and maintenance costs, and last but not least, the comfort for the passengers. Strong checks of the documentation are made, in order to certificate the real condition that the helicopter is in.

For each helicopter chosen, the client can have a trial flight. In case of confirmation, specialized personnel will offer assistance during the inspection before the final purchase. The entire process of purchase and sale negotiations will be conducted with the assistance of our lawyers in the exclusive interest of the client. 

Consulenze Aeronautiche offers aeronautical leasing and insurance services too, with the main affiliated companies.

Everything concern about selling helicopters, the company will find potential customers in the international market of used helicopter.

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